Tiny pleasures: various small projects I love

I'm not always working on UI's and UX'es for digital products. Every once in a while I like to color outside the lines, flip the table and work on some fun stuff.

Tiny Pleasures: "Small projects or parts of bigger projects that don't make up full cases by themselves but are still works that I am proud of and like to share."

Enjoy them below.


Explanimating the art of being a DJ.

Besides working on interfaces, UX and UI, I like to expand my creativity to other parts of the design spectrum as well. This includes working on illustrative parts and creating animations. This was my first project working with After Effects. It was a challenge but in the end the animation came through, resulting in one of my favorite animations to date.

Wondering how I created the audio mix? I calculated the timing beforehand and hand mixed and recorded this on a seperate controller. Afterwards I mapped the animation to match the recorded audio mix.


Illustrating the benefits.

Bencom asked BIT Students to create a new, fresh look for their recruitment website. Part of this was creating a set of illustrations to explain what Bencom does and what the perks of working at Bencom are. It had been a while since I last did illustrative work so I was happy to dive back into the creative process and start with finding a new style and substance.

I'm happy to explain a bit more about my full process, feel free to ask.

Bencom About Illustrations

Better Basics

Making great coffee.

Better Basics had a simple mission: “Improve the quality of restaurant coffee in Amsterdam.” They asked me to work on a illustrative poster explaining the correct proportions of different drinks. Getting the scale of all drinks correct on the poster turned out to be a bit tricky, as well as finding the correct feel for the illustrations. Here are a few drinks, do you make them correctly?

Better Basics Coffe Illustration
Better Basics Coffe Illustration