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I am tom(mert)

Digital Product Designer

Meet me, Tommert. Actually it’s just Tom but that username is always taken. I’m a 21 year old student, workaholic, team leading, coffee enthusiastic, freelance designing, dj-ing, meme-loving, superhero watching, music discovering, photography trying fella that likes creating and living new experiences.

Wow that was just the intro. I wonder what else this guy has to say about himself.

another cool ass shape

Allow me to tell you a short story

A while ago, during my design minor at the University of Applied sciences, I got the assignment to create a typographic layout for a piece of text. Everybody in the class got a big, A0 sized, cardboard to present their typography on. Step one was finding the right typography for the message we wanted to convey.

The next step was to create the perfect presentation for our typography of choice. Everybody started working on their cardboards. Most people used their boards as a portrait poster, displaying their typography printed on paper and stuck to the cardboard. I decided to go another way. I went to IKEA and got four legs for my desk. Together with some small plants and carefully taped markers I made my cardboard into a full desk. My thought was: “It’s typography, so it's meant to be read. You might as well sit down and look at your desk while reading it.""

My desk vs. a random desk from the group ↘

A beautiful picture of the desk I made

This example, for me, illustrates the way I like to approach projects and challenges. I thoroughly Invest my creativity and effort and try to find another angle to look at my design. Hereby I strive to always create something new and refreshing.

Awards and nominations

TNW T500 Logo

TNW T500 Member - 2018, 2017

Selected into the TNW T500, a shortlist of the 500 most ambitious, talented people in the Dutch digital scene, for two years in a row second year.

Spinawards Logo

Spin Awards nominee - 2017

University nominee for the Spin Awards, a yearly award for the best digital concepts. Unfortunately we didn’t recieve a wildcard but we’re proud anyway. Check out the project.

Amsterdam University OF Applied Sciences Logo

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Excellence program - 2015

Finished the excellence program, rated ‘excellent’.


After finishing the excellence program at the University of Applied Sciences and my first internship at Fonk Amsterdam I started working as a Freelance Graphic designer. In november 2016 I became part of the team at BIT students, being one of the top 50 design/tech students in Amsterdam. At BIT I'm working as an interface designer, project lead and part of the design innovation team. I’m currently finishing my bachelors degree Communication Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences.